Money Over 50

017 Career Change Later in Life with Cathy Boyce

August 6, 2019

Michael Hogue sits down with Cathy Boyce to discuss Cathy’s story.   Cathy and her husband David are clients of Michael’s.   Cathy talks about how she resigned from a regular paycheque and changed career later in life, starting not one, but two businesses: Silver Fluoride CPD and Townsville Orofacial Myology “TOfM”.   Cathy speaks about the benefits of the career change including: greater flexibility; the ability to be able to pick-up, put-down work; and the increased satisfaction she receives from being able to help others through these new directions.   Michael talks about the challenge that a career change creates to someone’s retirement (financial) plans, but how this can be overcome through a process of trade-offs designed to achieve the ‘balance of life’.  Finally, Cathy shares her plans to start a podcast (Beyond Brushing) aimed at increasing the awareness amongst consumers of overall oral health wellness.